Monday, August 26, 2013

Sparkle Factory

Tarina Tarantino has built an empire on glitz and glamor, so it is no wonder that her book The Sparkle Factory reflects this. With how-to’s, brilliant photos, and lots of charm, The Sparkle Factory is a gem of a book. Walking readers through her business from the time it was a dream to today’s global accessories brand, Tarantino shows how simple and inspiring making jewelry and accessories can be. You are led through the inspiration, design, planning, and creation stages; before you know it, you are making dazzling and totally unique pieces. Using simple finds (dollar store barrettes, thrift shop costume jewelry, polymer clay, etc.), anyone can fashion bracelets, necklaces, headbands and more. Plus, Tarantino shows how easy it is to make your own unique pieces. Even first time crafters will find something that they must make whether it be the Tokyo Toy Store Matinee Necklace, the Sweet Shop Earrings, the Jubilee Stretch Ring, or the Sparkle Factory Spectacles. The Sparkle Factory is a great guide for both the dreamers and the doers!

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